06:58 pm - Wednesday 16 April 2014
  1. Now whats the satellite name jay
  2. If we can move like this in movies In zambia we soon be some were,my only dream is one day 4 zambia to be better in movie production,am one of the writers of comedy and love stories. abraham phiri
  3. Thank You For Sharing I Suport You I Lkie UEFA Unit
  4. Can I watch muvi tv on dstv ? abraham phiri
  5. Hello guy,its my honer to congratulate u guys on the good job u a doing,am here jst to find out if though there is a possibility for u guy to produce and promot local films or comedy? abraham phiri
  6. goodmorning we are looking forward to the movie and know we will love it,cant wait for it to start,wil be on the lookout for it.And Iam also requesting for you to consider televising the Japanese movie 'BOYS OVER FLOWERS'.Its a beautiful teenage movie that we wil love.your consideration to this request wil be more than highly appreciated.wil wait for your response. MUVI TV -my channel of choice thank u CHIPO
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