UPND’S Kaoma MP Denies Electoral Malpractice


UPND Member of Parliament for Kaoma Constituency General Morgan Sitwala has denied allegations that he bribed three individuals and threatened to use violence with his military background if people did not vote for him in the August 11, 2016 General elections.
This is in a matter where Patriotic Front-PF losing candidate for Kaoma Constituency Austin Liato petitioned the election of Genral Sitwala in the Lusaka High Court.
Mr Sitwala has told Lusaka High Court Judge Annesi Bobo Banda that all allegations leveled against him are a total fabrication.
Meanwhile, Losing UPND candidate for Senga hill constituency has told the Lusaka high court that PFs Kapembwa Simbao had undue influence in the campaigns due to the status he carried as minister.
Opening his defense, Petitioner Giles Yambayamba said he was highly disadvantaged during the campaign as Mr Simbao was using state resources like the government vehicles even though he tried to disguise it by removing the number plate.
Mr Yambayamba also says Mr Simbao allegedly distributed a lot of iron sheets and building materials in various communities during the campaign period.
The grading of some roads has also been cited as a bribe as the works only resumed during the campaign period and went up to the day of voting.
Trial continues in this matter.