Family Of Zambian Man Who Died In USA Fail To Repatriate Remains


The family of the 38 year old Zambian man who died in unclear circumstances in America is still struggling to raise money to transport the remains back home.
The family has only up to Wednesday next week to raise the over ten thousand dollars needed to transport the body, or the funeral home in Iowa State will cremate it.
Jimmy Liwena was on 2nd January 2017 found dead on a street in Iowa, United States where he has been living since 2001.
Mother of the deceased Charity Liwena is appealing to well-wishers for financial support as government has indicated that it does not have money at the moment.


  1. This is shameful for Zambian embassy, ministry of foreign affairs & for Zambia. There’s money for Lunch and PF to waste but no money to help this window to bring back the remains of her son. Shameful

  2. Patongama. You people let’s think rationally. How many Zambians are in the Diaspora. How much will it cost the Government if every one’s remains have to be transported back to Zambia. I think we should be fair in our criticism. The best you Patongama can do is give a personal contribution to the family and lobby others to do the same. Or else lobby your MP to present a Bill in Parliament to include this kind of expenditure on the National Budget. These are my personal thoughts.