UTH Casual Worker Shares Her Plight


A casual worker at the University Teaching Hospital – UTH- has spoken out on how her livelihood has been adversely affecting due to poor conditions of service.
She has questioned how her employers expect her to survive on a salary of seven hundred kwacha per month with four children to raise.
Now that she has contracted tuberculosis – TB- from working at UTH, she says her pay will be even less, as casual workers are not entitled to sick leave.
For fear of victimisation she has refused to be identified, but says her story is a reflection of the suffering that casual workers are subjected to at UTH.


  1. Comment:Pplease government give retires their money those who retired in 2012 sure ware on earth this people some are dying some their children stopped going to school but busy building and making some roads so that rich people to pass on please start first start helping people then is wen u can start building etc