Kaizer Zulu’s Heroes Stadium Embarrassment: UPND APOLOGISES TO CAF, FIFA


The unruly conduct exhibited by President Edgar Lungu’s Political Advisor Kaizer Zulu during the Under-20 Africa Cup final has left Zambians embarrassed.
After the match, the Zambian President’s advisor shocked the Confederation of African Football-CAF delegation when he insisted to be on the podium with the Head of State during the medal presentation ceremony.
This resulted in Kaizer being roughed up by some stewards and CAF officials who could not tolerate his rudeness.
Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo could not comment on the matter claiming that the mobile phones for Police officers at Matero where one of the stewards Jackline Nkulukusa said to have been assaulted by Kaiser had reported the case, were still off.
And on behalf of the Zambians, the UPND has apologized to both FIFA, CAF and all the dignitaries that attended the AFCON final for what it terms Kaizer’s thuggery behavior.
UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says the behavior was un-Zambian especially that Zambians have always been known to be welcoming, peace-loving and hospitable people for years now but that people like Kaizer are working tirelessly to turn Zambia into a non-welcoming state.
He says much as the UPND knows that no disciplinary action will be meted out on Kaizer for such high level public embarrassment and nuisance, there is need for Zambians to thank CAF and FIFA for according the country a chance to host such a high level tournament.
The UPND hopes the two football mother bodies will ignore such rudeness from a State House official and give Zambia another chance to host many other tournaments in future including the senior AFCON.


  1. Kaizer Zulu is responsible for so many other unfortunate incidences including one where he fired gunshots in the air following an argument with former republican vice President, Enock Kavindele’s son at Protea Hotel in the recent past. NOW ATTACKING AND ASSAULTING A CAF OFFICIAL on very Childish and baseless grounds! That is a very serious offence! Just to be part of Medal presentation recipients that included his boss the Republican President. What a disgrace! WHY doesn’t President Lungu fire him? Is he scared of Him?

    We hosted a very successful under 20 tournament which the entire nation is proud of that saw Zambia being crowned champions of Africa. Now he wants to spoil it all for us, with such barbaric, and thuggery behaviour from State House!

    We are ready to host senior tournaments, but with such negative publicity being circulated on both electronic and print media because of one good for nothing son of a bitch; CAF may decide to look elsewhere next time Zambia put in a bid to host the senior AFCON.