Oasis Forum Calls For National Unity


The Oasis Forum has called on Zambians to put side ethnic and political differences and work together for the sake of national unity, stability and prosperity.
Oasis Forum Chairperson Fr. Cleophas Lungu has also called on leaders to have a heart of love and forgiveness and endeavor to put into practice Christian virtues by fasting from a spirit of vengeance, hatred, division, violence and lack of respect for human dignity.
Father Lungu says it is sad that Zambia is degenerating into tribal and regional politics where even public officers like the police are refusing to discharge their functions impartially and professionally.
He says it is also sad that leaders who profess to be Christians are following a path that only leads to darkness, destruction and despair.
Father Lungu says in a country where poverty, illiteracy and poor health are rife, Zambians deserve much better than what is currently happening.
He says it is embarrassing to see that the fate of the country could now rest on a fight over whose motorcade should go ahead first.