Arrested Gay Rights Activist Sues State

By Editor / Published on Wednesday, 10 Apr 2013 22:46 PM / 4 Comments / 231 views

MUVI TV GAYHuman and gay rights activist Paul Kasonkomona has sued government for alleged unlawful detention.

Through his lawyers of SNB legal practitioners, Kasonkomona is claiming damages saying he is suffering false imprisonment.

He is also demanding damages for mental distress and injury.

In his statement of claim filed in the Lusaka high court, Kasonkomona claims police have been delaying to give him his tuberculosis and anti-retro viral drugs ARVs.

He says this puts his life at risk as it is against his medication timetable.

4 thoughts on “Arrested Gay Rights Activist Sues State”

  1. This chap is just using Psychology 101. He is saying that he needs his ARV’s so that the gays in proson were he is do not enter his exit. It is a classic strategy that is used often. i have used it once before when we were detained after a viva. They gays in jail didnt even slap or touch me koz i told them i have HIV and am missing my ARV’s. i was even released early on that account and went staight to the center and laughed it off over a few drinks.

  2. You need help Sr. I can assure you that the blood of every soul that you are going to lead astray will be upon your head. Do not do things that you will regret just for the love of money. God bless you.

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