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Digital Switch

By admin - Tue Dec 03, 10:09 am

Digital-SwitchjMuvi TV now has a bouquet with a good selection of Channels. This means you watch Muvi TV, Africa Unite, Muvi Muviz, Muvi Combo, Prism Africa and 2 more soon coming Channels all freeee! Find these channels on another satellite which is Eutelsat 7 Degrees East, Frequency 12.645 and Symbol rate 30.0. Use an MPEG 4 Decoder to watch these exciting New Channels and your TV digital migration begins right there!Kindly note that all comments will be reviewed for appropriate content. Please show respect to those who will read your comments.


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    1. What will it cost to watch the extra channels?

    2. I’m familiar with Eutelsat7. I’m using DStv W7(Eustelsat). I also own the MyTV SRT4669 (MPEG4) on which I access Muvi TV and Africa Unite using the Muvi Smart card… I’ve since searched and not been able to find Muvi or the other channels after switching cables to W7. Is there a special decoder I need to get to be able to access those new channels?

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      Eutelsat W7 is around 36degrees but the sat Muvi is broadcasting is on Eutelsat on 7degrees that sat GTV was on.

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    my decorder is SRT 4663 Mpeg Mp3 DVR- is it compatible with the same digital switch change?

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      Dear Mike, that decoder is MPEG 2 DVB-S. If you use this decoder on the new satellite, you will only be able to watch Muvi TV and Africa unite on frequency 12.520, Symbol rate 27.45 and polarization H. the MPEG 4 Decoder will be available Cheap in about a week.

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    How much are the mpeg 4 decoder selling? I stay in Kalomo, do you have muvi tv dealer here?

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