Emmasdale Residents Unhappy With Local Authorities Over Noise Pollution

By Editor / Published on Monday, 23 Jul 2012 15:29 PM / 2 Comments / 192 views

Some residents in Lusaka’s Emmasdale Site and service are unhappy with the local authority for failure to respond to their petition over noise pollution in the area.

Resident’s Representative, Philemon Nyirenda has told Muvi TV News that the inhabitants are subjected to loud music from bars on a street known as Devil Street.

But, when contacted for a comment Lusaka City Council Public Relations officer, Henry Kapata has charged that the residents’ petition is unclear as it did not specify the bars causing pollution.

2 thoughts on “Emmasdale Residents Unhappy With Local Authorities Over Noise Pollution”

  1. Its disappointing that the council can respond like that to residents who have complained on a legitimate concern.The correct approach would be for the council to investigate and address the matter it is completely unacceptable by stating that the petition is unclear as to who is causing noise pollution the street is known which is Devils street so what more information is needed?

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