Female NIPA student Brutally Murdered

A 19 year old lady has been murdered in Lusaka and police suspect the killing to be ritual murder. Zambia Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Charity Chanda has identified the lady as Ruth Mbandu who had the whole face skin, eyes and ears removed.

She says Ruth’s naked body was discovered around 6hrs at house number 33/11 in Emmasdale. Mrs. Chanda says police suspect Ruth was murdered at a different place and later damped where her body was found.

She adds that preliminary investigations have revealed that a hard object could have been used to hit her on the head.

[youtube wREGTalNGCQ]


9 thoughts on “Female NIPA student Brutally Murdered

  1. Martinn Chisulo Chanda

    Thats amazing work on informing the pips especially those that cant watch on the set.keep it up.

  2. louis chanda

    movi u have2 visit kalumbila mine..local workers are working 4 10hrs+ and only get as low as 3500 per hour plus they say Fqm taks care of its workers its a blue lie they only do that in towns,general works are taken 2work(site)by tracktors they luck safty as well if i get a chance wil upload video or picturs this week…gud-day

  3. liyali leon

    These guys must b found n nabbed.I want to torch them alive 4 doing such a brutal act.pliz piz…let’s get these criminals soon.

  4. Kaluba Chiwala

    May her soul rest in peace..gone too soon…the lord with judge they that shed innocent blood.

  5. leah

    A Christian nation does not exhibit such behaviour!!We should leave upto our values.My condolences.No human being deserves such, no matter what. How safe are our children?

  6. Kapanga Musenge

    Its really sad that people can carry out such barbaric and abominable acts. It shows just how inhuman some people have become because surely, a sane human can not wish this even on his worse enemy, let alone execute it. God help us in this world and time we are living in because it can happen to any one of us. My heart goes to the family of the deceased.

  7. Pamela

    Is this zambia or the genocide in Ruwanda? Lets get real and protect our young zambians!
    Let justice take place! Does it mean that we should not walk in the night? Worried zambian mother in the Netherlands R.I.P. SWEET HEART.


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