Late Beer Drinking Spree Lands Man in Boiling Water

 The tendency of pouring boiling water on husbands in the country has resulted in a Livingstone man agonizing with severe burns on his neck.

The man identified as George Imbalo of Livingstone’s Indeco compound claims that his wife poured boiling water on him after he came from a drinking spree.

And a check by Muvi TV crew found police officers searching for the woman.

Last year Southern Province recorded over one thousand nine hundred cases of Gender based violence.

Choma district ranked the highest with 780 cases followed by Monze with 506.

Livingstone was third with 490 cases.

This was revealed in March this year by Southern Province Non Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council- NGOCC- Liaison Officer, Faith Simukoko during celebrations to mark international women’s’ day in Livingstone.

[youtube AtSVelwCccw]

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