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Muvi Television to Migrate to New Satellite

By Editor - Mon Dec 23, 7:43 pm

Muvi television will migrate to a new satellite that will compel satellite viewers shift their satellite dish seven degrees east.

Muvi TV General Manager Costa Mwansa says the move will allow the viewers to access the station’s eight channels.

Mr. Mwansa says for viewers to watch the channels they need to buy an Mpeg 4 decoder adding that the channels are available for free of charge.

And Mr. Mwansa has disclosed that viewers already watching the station’s MUVI TV and Africa unite channels via satellite have seven days in which to shift their satellite dish to 7 degrees east.Kindly note that all comments will be reviewed for appropriate content. Please show respect to those who will read your comments.


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    so what re the decorder requirements and the frequency i need to use to get the 8 new channels

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      For now, do not worry about replacing your decoder. Simply turn your dish to 7 degrees east and you will see Muvi TV and Africa Unite. If you want to get the rest of the channels, replace your decoder with an MPEG 4 decoder and the frequency is 12.645 pol. H, symbol rate 30.00

      MPEG 2 Muvi TV and AU TV are on freq. 12520 sym. 27.500 and pol H.

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    Now whats the satellite name

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