01:55 am - Friday 22 August 2014

My Mother-in Law Wanted sex with me-hears Court

By Editor - Fri Sep 07, 7:42 pm

A man in Lusaka has narrated how he found his mother in law stark naked in his house. Appearing before Senior Court Magistrate, Morgan Kayanika, was 43 year old Webster Chabala of Lusaka’s Matero Township.

Chabala told the court that his mother-in-law undressed in his house seducing him to have sex with her.

After attempting to stop her, the woman, 46 year old Ruth Nalwimba of Lusaka’s George compound left her pant which Chabala kept and presented in court as evidence.

Nalwimba told the court that her son in law has been insulting her adding that he was found of writing threatening SMS messages to her.

Senior Court Magistrate Kayanika acquitted Chabala for insulting his mother in law as what he did was out of frustration or emotional stress.

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