Nevers Mumba Chased from State House

By admin / Published on Sunday, 22 Jul 2012 16:33 PM / 4 Comments / 194 views

Political tension between Republican President Michael Sata and MMD leader, Dr Nevers Mumba has intensified with the MMD leader storming State house to seek audience with the President.

Dr. Mumba stormed State House in an attempt to seek clarification from Mr. Sata over his continued appointment of MMD members of Parliament to the PF Government without consultation.

But Dr. Mumba was asked to leave by State House officials.

President Sata has since appointed two MMD MPs, David Phiri of Mkaika constituency and Richard Tonde Taima of Solwezi East constituency.

[youtube pKyzKLVvUCQ]


4 thoughts on “Nevers Mumba Chased from State House”

  1. SATA is just an old man who has lost his mind. Zambia was once the hope of africa now look at zambia, even countries which had civil wars are doing much better than zambia, that is a fact. he should stop travelling around the world like he is Kanye West giving concerts!!

  2. How do you expect anyone to receive you if you go with chanting cadres. Even I would not accept you in my office/home. Did you go there for a fight or argument.
    Let’s be respectful of our Republican President

  3. Is that the new front of state house? It is not the one I knew from KK days. Mumba should also know how to approach Sata in a proper manner 

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