The Assignment

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The ever so popular Assignment program is a one on one interview with different personalities from business, politics, social and sports fraternity.

The show is live on Sundays at 19:15 on Muvi TV and is presented by MUVI’S vibrant and very intelligent Costa Mwansa.  The program also gives a chance to interact with the guest and the presenter by texting in  questions.





The Previous Assignment:


[youtube xEkh-HNmTpQ]


10 thoughts on “The Assignment”

  1. Ba COSTA the way i know and watched you moderate programmes i think on this one you failed because Mr Lungu was over ruling your authority as moderator and was chipping in any how and you were just quiet. Please do your home work and recall these two again.

  2. Please, this programme should continue until the end of the world because it is helping us to know how politicians lie to us voters.

  3. Thats a good one Coster continue with the same spirit i believe its where we can air our views without being victimized by the pf cadres whoever they think they are.

  4. mr vice president,please comment on the loss of mr the boat sinking or.please state your views

  5. Mr.Mwansa I would like to come and present the assignment programme on your behalf since the programme started you have inspired me with the high levels of intelligence please if you consider my request let me know my email adress is

  6. The programme is hot because it remaid us on the promises our theives made when stealing our votes iwould suggest that this programme should continue.

  7. Costa, Assignment is monotonous especially as it relates to the repeats. Do NOT misquote me, I did not say it is a bad program. Sometimes the same the same session is repeated thrice. Honestly, let’s be serious with programming. If you need to emphasise certain issues let another forum be staged where reference will be made to a relevant episode of the Assignment. The Sunday one is enough.

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