11:04 am - Friday 18 April 2014

Tourism Minister Testifies on Tribunal

By Editor - Thu Mar 06, 10:07 pm


Three days after Zambia’s chief legal adviser to Government testified that Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo was wrong to fire the Zambia Wildlife Authority-ZAWA board, the Minister has now disclosed that she took such an action based on President Michael Sata’s instructions.

Testifying before the Rhoda-Kaoma tribunal set to probe her alleged interference in ZAWA operations, Ms Masebo says the former ZAWA board would have undermined her authority if she .

She says the cancellation of the tender process for hunting concession licenses was also done in consultation with the Head of State.

On Monday, March 3, 2014 Mr Malila said the action taken by Ms Masebo was not in conformity with the public procurement act.

However, Mr Malila’s submission was on March 4, 2014 contradicted by Vice President Dr Guy Scott who said Ms Masebo’s action was in order.


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