01:56 am - Thursday 24 July 2014

Vendors Continue Business on the Streets Despite Government Ultimatum

By Editor - Mon Jul 23, 3:44 pm

Street Vendors have continued their businesses in the central business district despite the elapse of the government ultimatum for them to leave.

A check found the vendors conducting their businesses normally without any hindrances.

Civic leaders in Lusaka recently issued a seven-day ultimatum to street vendors to stop conducting business in undesignated places.Kindly note that all comments will be reviewed for appropriate content. Please show respect to those who will read your comments.

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    please leave the Vendors Alone, this people were given a go a head to do what they are doing now by the Republican President if My mind is Still fresh of Which i stongly believe and let it be a lesson to the up coming pronouncements. people should not be doing things out of durace or to make others realise the power they have, we know that they have got those powers, why should there Powers be an Identity( IDs) Shame on the people who are making U turns. Please give them where to go they dont have offficies which you occupy.

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