Fake Doctor Jailed For Injecting Water On Dogs

By Edward / Published on Wednesday, 23 May 2012 15:21 PM / 3 Comments / 264 views

A Lusaka man has cashed in more money in his pockets by masquerading as a veterinary Doctor and injecting dogs with water in the on going dogs registration exercise in Lusaka’s Chunga-Matero area.
However his ill conceived scheme was short-lived as the law has caught up with him and is now languishing in the cells at Lusaka central police station.
Lusaka City Council Public Relations Officer, Henry Kapata says the lay person was masquerading as Dr. John Kaluwe and vaccinating dogs against rabies in Matero area under a company called Cure Chemvet clinic.
He has since urged residents in Chunga-Matero area who could have taken their dogs to the said clinic for vaccination to report to the council for further verification to ensure their dogs are safe from rabies.

3 thoughts on “Fake Doctor Jailed For Injecting Water On Dogs”

  1. Dog owners must know that dogs are for security not decor the:-)should keep them inside. Fake doctors must never be tolerated.

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